No GPS Required

North or South?

Tarpum Bay Sign

With an average width of one mile, there is one main road, Queens Highway, that runs the length of Eleuthera.  You can not get lost too easy here, especially with an occasional sign pointing you in the right direction.

Each settlement posted has its own flavor and deserves more than just passing through on your way to a beach.  There are  many delicious Take Aways (carry outs) just waiting to be discovered by hungry travelers that stumble upon them in addition to local shops and more than friendly residents.

Day trips are a must for the best adventures and often lead to unforgettable memories of your vacation.  Pack  a beach bag, cool drinks and hit the road.  Just one question, North or South?

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Partly Cloudy With Scattered Rainbows

Tropical Illusion


On an island that is 110 miles long you can often drive in and out of a light sprinkle with just enough moisture to refresh you after a hot day at the beach.  Surrounded by the awe-inspiring turquoise colors of the ocean and the seemingly hand painted puffs of clouds, you intuitively look for rainbows at the first drop of rain.  They are magical and fill you with a sense of wonder.  You know you have been given another gift as you watch the spectrum of colors change before your eyes and begin to fade in what seems like seconds.  For me, there is no better place to experience these visual treats.

When was your last rainbow?

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WHO Goes There?

After more than 30 years of traveling to Eleuthera, I finally had my first close encounter with an Owl.  Perched on our palm tree in the front yard, he stared directly at me with his magnificent yellow eyes that seemed to ask,  “What took you so long to come back”?  Good question.  Although he did not take the opportunity to make sounds for me, Burrowing Owls often speak up guarding their turf or in an effort to seek out a mate for breeding.  Their Bahamian diet consists mostly of large insects and mice, so he is a welcome resident on our block.

After a few evening encounters, it is a comfort to know thatWHO dat? when we are off the island, WHO is at home.

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Island Getaway Cures Cabin Fever

Island Kite Flying Therapy

Its time.  Winter blues can get the best of you and it may be necessary to take action towards finding a remedy that best suits you.  For me, there is no better cure than hoisting up a sail worthy clown fish to feel my cares drift away in the breeze.  Just me and my kite, no worries, no stress.

Master the art of Intentional Travel and choose the benefits of well-being  by taking a minute each week to imagine yourself on a journey to an island that I call home – Eleuthera, Bahamas.

Each week  I will share a glimpse into traveling to the world’s best kept secret (at least up to now),  introduce you to island residents, explore untouched beaches, seek out deep-sea adventures, revel in rich culture,  tradition and much more.

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